F1: Disputed race ends with Hamilton victory, Vettel furious

Lewis Hamilton won yet another race, his 7th Canadian GP. The victory came amidst controversy surrounding FIA slapping a 5-second penalty on Sebastien Vettel. Vettel was fuming at the extent he didn’t attend the post-race interview with Martin Brundle. This race will be talked about for a few days for sure. This especially puts FIA in a bad light with Ferrari fans, who were already accusing them of favouring Mercedes. Ferrari would be disappointed with losing another strong result after a long struggle they had to endure.

The race itself was very interesting with Hamilton sticking on Vettel’s gearbox for the most of the race. The pressure forced an error from Vettel on turn 4 where the back of car of the lost control and Vettel went on the grass. While joining, due to lack of grip, he went close to the wall, where Hamilton had to brake hard to avoid contact. It seemed like a racing incident and non-intentional but FIA thought otherwise.

Renault had a great race with both cars in points while local boy Stroll ended up in 9th spot. Daniil Kvyat, courtesy of a bold move on turn-1 on Carlos Sainz, got the final point position.

This race will be remembered as much as Kubica’s victory in 2008 or Jenson’s dash in 2011, but mostly for controversial reasons.

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