Formula 1: Post Spanish GP

Mercedes is really running away with the championship at the moment after their 5th consecutive 1-2 finish. I mean, how much more dominating can you be? Reliability, Performance, Drivers, you name it and they are just top notch. Their teamwork in the pit stops is clockwork and whether you love them or hate them, you have to admire.

Ferrari on the other hand look like a distressed outfit. Having impressed in winter practice, expectations were set very high. A rather low key performance in Australia felt like a one-off mishap when they really scorched the tarmac in Bahrain with blistering pace. Turns out, Bahrain was an aberration and not the trend. It has been a long struggle for them and early haven’t totally yielded the desired results.

Ferrari’s struggle in the factory is one thing, the strategic blunders and team order fiasco is also costing them dear. They are taking a lot of time in making strong decisions on track which causes them to lose vital seconds. With 2 of the very fast drivers and an experienced team, they sure make a fool out of themselves on the broadcast. Every race practically starts a meme-fest on Ferrari strategy calls.

Max has been delivering above par performance in his car, but we are getting tired of seeing Mercedes practically getting a pass every race. Max has long been touted as a tough opponent for Lewis and we have been waiting a long time to see it coming. Patience of fans has run very thin season and we need to see Max delivering top performance and be up there with the Mercedes every race. One thing Max Verstappen guarantees is action on track, and F1 and its fans need it now more than ever.

Coming to other things, Formula 1 has added two new circuits for 2020, namely in Vietnam and Zandvoort. Spanish GP has been for Dutch Grand prix in Zandvoort and you can read more here. We fans hope it is a good addition and we get to see more on-track action.

We are at the time of the season when all the buzz about the driver market will start. It will be interesting to see if Ocon gets a call up for Mercedes. There are two or three articles about Lewis joining Ferrari, but we all know that is never going to happen, at last with current Ferrari form. How the driver market shuffle turns out will be very interesting to see.

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