Monaco Grand Prix – Review

Lewis Hamilton wins the Monaco grand prix and dedicated his win to Niki Lauda. Max Verstappen stuck to his gearbox but couldn’t pass him. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel came second while Valterri Bottas came third, which put an end to the 1-2 monopoly of Mercedes.

It was one of those races where there wasn’t a lot happening actually,still had potential for so much. Lewis hanging in for dear life on medium tires for more than 60 laps while Max clinging on to gearbox for pretty much the whole race.

It wasn’t a boring race but there was so much that could have happened. Nevertheless, it really tested the drivers and kept them on their toes while the danger on finding the barriers looms large all throughout the circuit. Lewis at front regularly complained about his front tyres not holding up and he was nervous about finishing the whole duration of the race.

McLaren had a good race with Sainz finishing best of the rest at 6th. He made a crucial pass on Kvyat at the pit stops. Grosjean on the back of his strategy, running very long in the first stint and was helped by the very slow moving Alfa of Kimi Raikkonen who held up the cars ahead who pitted earlier.

For the first time the action at the front end of the circuit matched the action in the midfield. It was very edge of the seat with Max breathing down Lewis’s neck lap in and lap out. Vettel was playing the waiting game since Max also had a 5 sec penalty for unsafe pit release and ramming into Valterri, forcing the fin to stop again.

Home boy Charles Leclerc had a dismal but eventful outing with his ‘win it or bin it’ approach. He went for an ambitious divebomb on Niko Hulkenberg at La Rascasse but got turned around after hitting the wall resulting in puncture. He spread a lot of rubber grains on the track on his in lap, which brought out the safety car.

It was an enjoyable race weekend although it didn’t have too many overtakes. But it is expected of a street circuit. I am no fan of this track, but it was one of the more interesting race of the season.

Now we move on to Canada, another street circuit. Mercedes are bringing in engine upgrade, which is even more bad news for teams who have not been able to cope up with the current version. Ferrari has to dig deep to find the answers about their car while Redbull also need some magic to challenge Mercedes.

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