Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish GP

Lewis Hamilton went 8 points clear of team mate Valterri Bottas after winning the Spanish GP in Barcelona. He took lead at the start and dominated the rest of the race. Max Verstappen took the final podium position relegating the Ferrari to 4th and 5th.

Both Haas cars managed to finish in points for the first time. AlfaRomeo struggled as did Renault of Hulkenburg while Ricciardo showed some fight. The race had a safety car, after a Norris-Stroll coming together. It did not however bring much changes at the top as Lewis managed the restart perfectly.

So another 1-2 for Mercedes which well and truly means championship for them. Seems like only thing remaining to watch is Hamilton-Bottas rivalry, which we sincerely hope to come to pass. Otherwise, there isn’t much to wait for in the races anymore.

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